Cyrus Imapd and Outlook XP header weirdness?

Pedro Rodrigues pmanuel at
Fri May 14 17:49:10 EDT 2004


   i have been testing Cyrus Imapd 2.2.3 with some Mozilla and Outlook XP clients. I observe some weird behaviour with Outlook XP (SP3) and the server. Emails i receive appear on Outlook with "on behalf of" in front of the sender. And if this wasn't strange enough, if i move emails from the Cyrus imapd server Inbox to other imap servers, they seem to lose the From: field. With Mozilla things seem to work ok, and with the same Outlook client and other imap server (UWashington) it also works fine. Has anyone seen this behaviour before? I am using sendmail as the mta, by the way, running in Fedora Core 1.

Thanks in advance,

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