IMAP/LMTP/Quota locking problem

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-- Scott Adkins <adkinss at> is rumored to have mumbled on Montag, 
17. Mai 2004 11:03 Uhr -0400 regarding Re: IMAP/LMTP/Quota locking problem:

> I do know that as of 2.2.1, the problem still exists.  I find it
> impossible
> to trigger the bug on my own in our test environment, and we won't be
> doing
> an upgrade to 2.2.3 (or whatever happens to be out) until the summer time
> frame.

thanks for the info. The patch was definitely added *after* 2.2.1 ... hmm, 
now that I think about it: seems like it was even added after 2.2.3! Is bug 
1270 really fixed in CVS only?

> Currently, we manage the problem by watching the sendmail syslog file for
> System I/O errors on the Cyrus mailer (grep for
> 'mailer=cyrus.*System.I.O')

We don't get those. I wonder if we actually have separate problems. Or 
maybe not. However, in our case the sendmail processes get stuck as well, 
maybe due to our setting of DeliveryMode to interactive!?

> and when we see some, we run another script that tells us which cyrus proc
> has the write lock on their quota file and we kill that process.
> The problem occurs regularly, with some users more reliably triggering the
> problem than others.

What does "regularly" mean? We've been running the server in prdouction 
since March, 1, but it happened for the first time a little more than a 
week ago ...

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