ACL - giving everyone access in one step

David Hearn dave at
Thu May 20 05:13:18 EDT 2004

We're investigating the Toltec Connector for Outlook.  This allows an IMAP server (Cyrus in our situation) to give near MS Exchange functionality.  Calendars can be shared, however they currently require each user to share their own calendar by manually typing in the users they want to share it with.  For a 40 user company this could potentially be a large task not to mention possible errors with entry.

Does cyrus support an 'everyone' option, where I could set it so that everyone's Calendar folder is visible to anyone authenticated to our server?  As far as I've seen so far (which is brief!) it seems to be on a per-user basis.  We're using Web-cyradm and MySQL for user details, so potentially a script could be written to suck out all account names and on a cron job update the ACLs for everyone to include everyone - but I see that as a messy kludge.


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