Problem w/ 2.2.4 and unixhierarchysep: yes

AJ aj at
Fri May 21 19:18:40 EDT 2004

Here is an odd update to this...
I tried to create another user with a dot and it works fine.
It seems john.smith causes the error whereas al.jones does not.
Has anyone seen anything like this?


AJ wrote:

> Hi,
>  I have an odd problem.  I am running 2.2.4 fresh install and I have an 
> issue when using a mailbox with a . in the name, such as user/john.smith
> I have the unixhierarchysep: yes line in my imapd.conf.
> Whenever I try to delete a message or move a message to another folder 
> with this mailbox, I generate these errors:
> May 21 18:44:58 linux-beta master[2745]: process 2753 exited, signaled 
> to death by 11
> May 21 18:44:58 linux-beta master[2745]: service imap pid 2753 in BUSY 
> state: terminated abnormally
> And I get errors on the client that said the connection was terminated 
> before the command could complete.
> It looks like the files get "copied" but not moved, so it appears to be 
> a delete issue.
> Users that do not have a . in their mailbox name do not have this 
> problem.  Has anyone seen this?  I have another version of 2.2.4 
> running, and this does not happen there, but that version was upgraded.
> The only other difference is that the version that has this issue is 
> running bdb 4.2.x and the other system is running 4.1.x.
> I just wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone knows anything 
> about this.
> Thanks.
> AJ
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