sub-folders of inbox not showing up

Andrew Davis andrew at
Sat May 22 17:58:25 EDT 2004

I tried that actually... later... but I get "permission denied". Am I 
doing it wrong?

[root at Cuba root]# cyradm --user link0001 --server localhost --auth plain
IMAP Password:
localhost.localdomain> lm
INBOX (\HasChildren)               INBOX.SAVE OPTIN (\HasNoChildren)
INBOX.Bounce (\HasNoChildren)      INBOX.Sent (\HasNoChildren)
INBOX.Drafts (\HasNoChildren)      INBOX.Trash (\HasNoChildren)
INBOX.Opt-In (\HasNoChildren)      INBOX.Worked (\HasNoChildren)
INBOX.Opt-Out (\HasNoChildren)
localhost.localdomain> reconstruct INBOX
reconstruct: Permission denied
localhost.localdomain> reconstruct INBOX.Bounce
reconstruct: Permission denied

I can't imagine I'm the first person to do an upgrade by building a new 
system and copying everything over. To me its a lot safer than upgrading 
a production machine and leaves a nice fallback. If I can beyond this 
one issue... I think all will be good from here.


Jon wrote:

> I could be off beat here, but after you copied the new files over to your
> new box, did you reconstruct the mailbox in cyradm?
> --
> Regards,
> Jon
> Andrew Davis said:
>>Some more info...
>>first off, since I was seeing the problem in Squirrelmail, I joined
>>their mailing list. They all think its cyrus or cyradm related. So I did
>>some tests. Again, logging in as my test user 'link0001', I see the
>>Inbox, Draft, Sent, and Trah folders. From the command line, I also see
>>my other folders such as Personal and Work (I copied the directory from
>>my other server).
>>If I do: cyradm --user link0001 --server localhost --auth plain
>>I can log in just fine. Doing an "lm" only shows the same folders I am
>>seeing in Squirrelmail. So now I'm realizing that I have two different
>>programs (cyradm and Squirrelmail) that are getting the same results.
>>Perhaps this means the problem is with Cyrus?
>>Interesting, if I go from the command line and move the Personal folder,
>>then go to Squirrelmail -> Folders and create the folder "Personal",
>>then log out, delete the Personal folder at the command line and move
>>the original back, then back into Squirrelmail, it can see the folder
>>and its contents.
>>And most confusing... the filesystem permissions and settings on the
>>folder created in Squirrelmail are the same as the original one on the
>>filesystem. No difference at all.
>>Any ideas? Is there a flag I need to pass to cyrus? Or perhaps a compile
>>time option?
>>Andrew Davis wrote:
>>>Well, I've made quite a bix of progress. Now I'm trying to test
>>>migration since my next step is to migrate off my old server.
>>>On my new server, I have a user called link0001. On my old server, I
>>>have a user called link0033. I tarred up link0033, copied the file over,
>>>untar'd it and renamed all the link0033's to link0001 and set the
>>>correct permissions. I then logged into my new server via Squirrelmail.
>>>I can log in fine and see the Inbox with sub-folders of Trash, Drafts,
>>>and Sent. Drafts and Trash are empty, as they are on my old server. Sent
>>>has some content as it does on my old server. So far so good. Now the
>>>problem is that there were previously created 10 or 12 other folders...
>>>such as Bounce, Spam, Work, Personal, etc. These are not showing up. And
>>>if I go through the Squirrelmail 'Folders' option, I don't see them
>>>available to be subscribed to. However, from the filesystem level, I see
>>>the contents of the sub-folders and the permissions are the same on both
>>>my old and new server. Has anyone dealt with this before? Is there a
>>>special way of copying these over?
>>>For the sake of it, I IMAP'd in from Outlook Express and KMail both and
>>>get the same results that I see in Squirrelmail.
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