Manage groups with ldap und ptloader

Sven Schiwek sven.schiwek at
Tue May 25 03:07:38 EDT 2004


I installed cyrus-imapd 2.2.3 and imported my old mails. The Shared-
folder have group ACLs like group:sysop. I changed my authentification
from PAM to SASL with saslauthd.
The system is working fine, but if I want to change a group ACL cyradm

 > dam admins group:sysop
deleteaclmailbox: group:sysop: Invalid identifier

In the logfile ptloader wrote this informations:

hermes imap[1508]: ptload(): pinging ptloader
hermes ptloader[1747]: accepted connection
hermes ptloader[1747]: doing LDAP lookup of user (null)
hermes ptloader[1747]: Username not available.
hermes master[563]: process 1747 exited, signaled to death by 11
hermes master[563]: service ptloader pid 1747 in READY state: terminated
hermes imap[1508]: ptload(): empty response from ptloader server

I think the search for user '' (null) is the Problem.

Can I configure the cyrus System that cyradm ignore the ptloader
response or is there an other way to solve this problem?

Sven Schiwek
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