Reconstruct losing mailboxes

Mika Tuupola tuupola at
Tue May 25 05:16:28 EDT 2004

	Just noticed weird behaviour of reconstruct and
	cyrus-imapd-2.1.16 in Sparc Solaris 9 when recovering 
	an accidentaly deleted user mailbox.

	When I first create an user and then recover the
	mailfolder which contains inbox and several subfolders
	an imap client (pine and imp) sees the inbox just fine
	but the subfolders are of course missing.

	After I run reconstruct -f or reconstruct -r on the
	mailbox everything disappears from the imap client.
	The mails and subfolders still exist and new mails
	get delivered. However imap clients don't see anything,
	not even the inbox.

	I tried to googling and wiki but did not find any clue.
	Anyone else had the same problem?

Mika Tuupola            

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