Cyrus HA Scalable Solution? Rsync

Jason Munro jason at
Wed May 26 12:42:04 EDT 2004

On 4:39:45 pm 05/25/04 "Kevin Baker" <kbaker at> wrote:
> We are testing a number of email configurations for a
> 10,000+ user-base. Was hoping to get some thoughts on
> below:
> - Postfix
> - Cyrus-SASL
> - Mysql Auth
> We will likely start with 3 frontend servers and 3 backend
> servers. Replicate MySQL across all servers auth, maildrop
> routing.
> We were thinking of doing some sort of rysync of the imap
> mailstore across the backend servers. Then Heartbeat on
> the backend servers with IP takeover to handle failover.
> The hope is that if a server goes down the mailstore will
> be sync'ed up on the server that takes over.
> Thought? This is obviously just a sketch... but I haven't
> seen a this done before as far as the failover solution
> with rsync and thought it might work pretty well.

I have been doing this with an 18 gig mailstore that uses maildirs. After
the first sync I can run rsync every 5 minutes and it only takes 35-40
seconds to complete, even if I move/delete a few thousand messages at a

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