cyrus hanging (possible saslauthd problem)

David Carter dpc22 at
Thu May 27 04:34:28 EDT 2004

On Wed, 26 May 2004, Colin Bruce wrote:

> I can login and read e-mail quite happily most of the time. However,
> sometimes it accepts my username and password and then says "opening
> inbox" for ever. Usually, while this is in progress a message will flash
> up about an untagged response. However, it is not visible long enough to
> see what the message is about. In any event it will never open the
> inbox.

While I don't think that it's directly relevant to the problem that you
are having here, I have seen this before with Linux servers.

If you restart syslog on a Redhat Linux box existing processes which have
already opened syslog break down. Messages which would have gone to the
syslog go to stderr (if I remember correctly), which happens to be the
socket attached to IMAP client. Much hilarity ensues.

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