Cyrus dies

Michael Loftis mloftis at
Thu May 27 15:19:59 EDT 2004

The trail I'm seeing say something more wrong with the machine than cyrus. 
The machine is not doing ANY I/O or is so busy doing some other I/O it 
stops doing anything useful.  Not running XFS filesystem per chance are you?

If the machine were OK it would bog down under nasty load, but it wouldn't' 
STOP DEAD like that.  You need to look around poke at things, try to find 
whats broken causing it to stop dead like that, and it's probably not 
Cyrus.  It could be if it's going amok, but I really doubt it.

Linux has a LOT of known problems with huge amounts of memory...try 
reducing your memsize to 3Gb or 4Gb either by physically pulling chips or 
memsize=<blah> on the boot line Lilo you can say something like 'linux 
memsize=4096M' in GRUB you have to use 'e' to edit one of the options, then 
scroll down to the line containing kernel.... and add memsize= to the end 
of it by 'e' editing that line, then you can use b to boot.  See if that 
helps your performance.  There is a reason, I'm just REALLY doubting it's 
actually Cyrus at the heart of this one.

--On Thursday, May 27, 2004 16:50 +0100 Colin Bruce <ccx004 at> 

> Dear Michael and Rob
> Sorry I should have said what the hardware is.
> We are running Cyrus on an IBM X345 with dual 3GHz processors, 8GB of
> memory, dual Gigabit network cards and 6 ultra 320 73GB SCSI disks which
> are not in a RAID configuration of any kind. I'm afraid there are no IDE
> drives in the machine.
> I've checked the cron tables and there are no cron jobs running at the
> time this happens. Unfortunately it isn't possible to run anything when
> it happens because the machine is totally locked. It doesn't even respond
> to me pressing the enter key on the console. I can try running top
> beforehand and hopefully when it happens it will show something but I
> think it will stop displaying.
> The last time master was started was May 17 at 18:36:53. What events could
> it be running? I know there are some mentioned in the config files but are
> there any that are hard coded that might be running?
> I had a look at the logfiles afterwards last night and everything stops.
> There are no entries in the log files between 9:17PM and 9:35PM.
> Afterwards everything returns to normal.
> Best wishes......
> Colin

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