Outlook client connection problems

Josh Endries jendries at pragmeta.com
Thu May 27 12:03:38 EDT 2004


I have read a lot of information about Outlook clients and IDLE and 
connections timing out. I have a number of Outlook users (I think 
Outlook 2003 actually) that use IMAP and they were having problems 
"connecting" to the server after letting Outlook sit alone for a 
while, which sounded like the IDLE problem. I recompiled --with-idled 
and enabled it in cyrus.conf, but the problem still exists.

The end-user sees an error saying the client couldn't connect to the 
IMAP server when they check their email. If they check the email 
immediately after discarding the error message, everything works 
perfectly, which smells like the idle problem to me. Anyway, idled 
has used up CPU time so it looks like it's working, but this error 
suggests it isn't. I use Linux at work/home and actually don't own 
Windows so it isn't easy for me to test (I keep bugging co-workers 
:)). I can't find any errors in the log when this happens, and really 
I don't see anything at all, as if it doesn't even try to connect. I 
don't need to do anything else to "turn on" support for IDLE do I? Or 
maybe there is something to change in Outlook...

The other possible factor is SSL, most (if not all) of these users 
are connecting using imaps (not imap+tls, but the alternate port 
method -- wrapped?). Maybe there is a timeout problem with the SSL 

Anyone know how I could further troubleshoot this? Is there a way to 
see which users are using idled at a given time?

freebsd 4, imapd 2.2, sasl 2.1, bdb 4.2, sql auth, virtdomains: yes


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