Cyrus-2.2.x Virtual domains Problem when logging into imap

Christoph Moench-Tegeder cmt at
Fri May 28 14:14:12 EDT 2004

## Andrew Koros (akoros at

> I get the following error on attempting to logon to the IMAP server as a
> user "andrew at" for a virtual domain "":

> May 28 18:35:08 tux saslauthd: saslauthd[25717] :do_auth         : auth
> failure: [user=andrew] [service=imap] [] [mech=pam]
> [reason=PAM auth error]

You screwed your authentication. Don't use PAM. PAM does not know about
realms and the saslauthd PAM authentication method does not even try
to use the realm. Use auxprop and write or find a matching plugin.
We are using a custom saslauthd-extension for authenticating users.


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