sieve problems (continued)

Christian Schulte cs at
Sun May 30 11:58:30 EDT 2004

Bob Tito wrote:
> Christian Schulte wrote:
>> Bob Tito wrote:
>> Does the attached patch fix the problem ? At least it was 
>> reproduceable now and the patch fixed it here.
> Hi Christian,
> For starters it is good the hear that you are able to reproduce the 
> problem... to finish it.. *IT WORKS* Thanks a lot!!
> But... bacause of the limited  amount of people with this problem is 
> very specific to my config ?


its a general problem with unixhierarchysep and sieve fileinto for users 
with dots in theire names. The cause I did not notice it earlier was 
that I never really updated from 2.2.3 to 2.2.4 or 2.2.5. Starting with 
2.2.3 I made a link from /usr/local/cyrus22 -> /usr/local/cyrus2.2.3 so 
that I do not have to touch the configfiles for any updates but then 
just forgot to update the link to /usr/local/cyrus2.2.4 and 
/usr/local/cyrus2.2.5. Updating cyrus mainly is very early in the 
morning. That could explain that :-)
The patch looks to me more like a workaround and just fixes the problem. 
Maybe Ken or Rob will come up with a much more elegant solution.

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