Kent Nasveschuk knasveschuk at
Sun May 30 10:54:57 EDT 2004

John Arthur wrote:

>Before I switched to LDAP I had the following on RH9
>-rw-r-----    1 cyrus    mail        12288 Apr 28 10:00 /etc/sasldb2
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Thanks. Changed that. Got another question. I've created some shared 
folders that I gave the post ACL to in cyradm to a user in my LDAP 
directory. I'm trying to send a message to it using Mozilla mail client. 
I can see the folders in the client. When I check sendmail maillog I see:

stat=User unknown when sendmail deliver connects with imap.

I'm sending a message to the folder as: public+announce at blah.blah

I can send other messages, they go to correct box. I am using LDAP 
through saslauthd. Is there anyway to do this? The postings I saw said 
to send in this manner. This is a top level mailbox:

localhost> lm
public (\HasChildren)
public.announce (\HasNoChildren)

Kent N

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