Spam Filtering in lmtpd

Markus Wernig listener at
Sun May 30 16:06:38 EDT 2004

Hi all

I have setup cyrus and sendmail with spamass-milter and clam-milter and
am very happy with it. The one problem (besides user-based bayes
databases) is that every mail gets spam-scanned, even if only relayed.
My idea now is that only those messages should be passed to spamd that
are to be delivered locally. If I'm not totally wrong this can't be done
with the sendmail milter concept. I think the best possibility would be
to implement the milter concept in the local delivery agent, which is
lmtpd in most cyrus cases. This would mean e.g. to call an external
scanner through a socket from lmtpd in order to determine if the mail
can be delivered.

Now my humble questions:
Is there any way to do this with the current lmtpd?
If no, is anybody working on something similar?
In any case: Does anybody see a significant disadvantage in the concept?

If 3xno, I might try to give it a shot ... holidays allowing ;-)

Ken/Rob: where would you put such a function in lmtpd?

rgds /markus

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