Deletemailbox patch for cyrus.

Aristotelis arisg at
Sun May 30 19:17:02 EDT 2004

  Hello all, 

 A new patch for cyrus 2.2.5 is released today. 

Cyrus imap doesn't remove the quota from a folder when this folder is deleted
except if the folder is user.X folder. There are some comments in Cyrus code
about possible places where code can be inserted to deal with this situation.
 This patch is a suggestion on the behaviour of cyrus-imap when a folder is
deleted. With this patch the quota is removed in two cases:
1)The user explicitely requests the deletetion of quota. In order to request the
deletion of the quota the convention that + must procceed the name of the folder
was used. i.e if i want to delete the folder koko.lala and remove the the quota
the command would be:

        . delete +koko.lala

2)The soon-to-be-deleted-folder's quota root has no subfolders. Then we can
assume that the reasonable thing to do is to delete also the quota. This
actually can mean two things. If the folder's quota root is the folder himself
then this means that this folder has no subfolder. If the folder's quota root is
a higher-level non-existent subfolder this means that the
soon-to-be-deleted-folder is its only subfolder.

  You can grab the patch at the following URL :

 This patch is not heavily tested.

  For comments, bug reports, suggestions don't hesitate to contact me.

   Best Regards, 
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