spamassassin and cyrus?

gen2 gen2 at
Mon May 31 13:19:16 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm confused. Assembling email server (first time with fetchmail/cyrus/postfix 
combination), and I can't figure out where Spamassassin fits (yes, I've 
googled extensively and read all relevant mans >3x).

Right now, Fetchmail is retrieving external POP mail and delivering it to 
cyrus via LMTP (at least I THINK it is. It could be going to Postfix first -- 
using LMTP transport between Fetchmail, postfix, and cyrus, so I'm not sure 
who gets what 1st/last).

SA is tagging outgoing mail, so it seems to work, but incoming mail (via 
Fetchmail) isn't getting examined, apparently.

Can anyone point me in the right direction? How does SA examine mail before it 
hits cyrus/sieve, NOT using SMTP ?


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