spamassassin and cyrus?

Lindner lindner_marek at
Mon May 31 19:02:43 EDT 2004

gen2 wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'm confused. Assembling email server (first time with fetchmail/cyrus/postfix 
>combination), and I can't figure out where Spamassassin fits (yes, I've 
>googled extensively and read all relevant mans >3x).
>Right now, Fetchmail is retrieving external POP mail and delivering it to 
>cyrus via LMTP (at least I THINK it is. It could be going to Postfix first -- 
>using LMTP transport between Fetchmail, postfix, and cyrus, so I'm not sure 
>who gets what 1st/last).
>SA is tagging outgoing mail, so it seems to work, but incoming mail (via 
>Fetchmail) isn't getting examined, apparently.
>Can anyone point me in the right direction? How does SA examine mail before it 
>hits cyrus/sieve, NOT using SMTP ?

Normally, fetchmail uses SMTP to deliver the fetched mails to the 
In your case the mail would go that way:
    fetchmail --SMTP--> postfix --LMTP--> cyrus

The best way to check for SPAM and/or viruses is installing a hook into 
postfix (via master.conf) and making use of amavis/SA or something 
similar. So it would look like that:
    fetchmail --SMTP--> postfix --LMTP--> cyrus
                         |  |
                         |  |
                         |  |
                         |  |

The offical postfix-docs briefly discuss this scenario.

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