spamassassin and cyrus?

gen2 gen2 at
Mon May 31 23:30:25 EDT 2004

> Normally, fetchmail uses SMTP to deliver the fetched mails to the
> localhost-MTA.
> In your case the mail would go that way:
>     fetchmail --SMTP--> postfix --LMTP--> cyrus

Hmm...That's how I did it on another system, but this time I was hoping to 
avoid having to try smtp sasl authentication with fetchmail (don't know if 
that even works) when LMTP seemed to be a perfect way to get from FM to 
postfix. Veering OT, now...anyway, I need to keep sasl auth on for smtp 
connections in this application.

> The best way to check for SPAM and/or viruses is installing a hook into
> postfix (via master.conf) and making use of amavis/SA or something
> similar. So it would look like that:
>     fetchmail --SMTP--> postfix --LMTP--> cyrus

I was hoping for info to make this work:

  fetchmail --LMTP--> postfix --LMTP--> cyrus

>                          SMTP
>                         amavis
> The offical postfix-docs briefly discuss this scenario.
> Regards,
> Marek
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