spamassassin and cyrus?

Lindner lindner_marek at
Tue Jun 1 04:59:10 EDT 2004

gen2 wrote:

>Hmm...That's how I did it on another system, but this time I was hoping to 
>avoid having to try smtp sasl authentication with fetchmail (don't know if 
>that even works) when LMTP seemed to be a perfect way to get from FM to 
>postfix. Veering OT, now...anyway, I need to keep sasl auth on for smtp 
>connections in this application.

Simply switch off smtp sasl authentication for localhost connections only.
       localhost inet    n       -       y       -       -       smtpd 
-o smtpd_sasl_auth_enable=no

>I was hoping for info to make this work:
>  fetchmail --LMTP--> postfix --LMTP--> cyrus

IIRC that was not part of the question ?!  :-)
That should be possible too but it seems to be more complicated than it 
could be. Keep it simple.

The best place to check all mail for SPAM is postfix, however the mail 
gets there.

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