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Wed Jun 2 03:09:13 EDT 2004

Robin Lynn Frank wrote
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> Apologies for such a basic question, but we will be installing cyrus-imap
> (Mandrake 10.0 RPM).  Since I am going to have a short window to do the
> install and configuration, I'm getting this all in advance.
> I already have the necessary information to get postfix to hand off to
> cyrus-imap.  What I need is the information necessary for the simplest
> configuration and whatever steps are needed (in the order they are needed)
> enable our users to get their mail (pop).


When I set-up Cyrus Imap, I followed the relevant parts of the following
HOWTO (excluding web-cyradm which I didn't need).

I don't know which version of cyrus-imap is supplied as an rpm in
Mandrake, but if it's later than 2.1.x, this howto may not cover the
newer features or configuration.

In any case, the docs that come with cyrus-imap in the doc
subdirectory of the source distribution are useful. Also
available on line for 2.2.x

The other thing to watch out for are the correct version dependencies
between the cyrus-sasl and cyrus-imap. I've held out
upgrading to cyrus-imap 2.2.5 because I'll need to upgrade to
cyrus-sasl 2.1.7. When I do, in the interests of not breaking a
working configuration, I will aim to get it running on a spare
machine first.

Depending on how many users you have and whether you
need to migrate the contents of the existing mailboxes and the
format of those mailboxes, you might find some of the information
here useful


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