email server concept: what's mail delivery agent

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at
Wed Jun 2 22:52:39 EDT 2004

m wrote:

>You should read a few books and the relevant RFC documents BEFORE going any
Thank you! I still wish to hear some suggestions: If there is delivery 
agent in both postfix and cyrus, what should I lean on? I read the 
virtual(8) and local(8), are these two the so-called 'delivery agent'? 
If I am going to use the cyrus' delivery agent (sorry I don't know its 
name) I don't have to go through virtual(8) and local(8) any more?

I heard cyrus have different native mail storage structure other than 
maildir, is it true? If I use that format, I cannot use postfix's 
delivery agent, right?

Thank you again:)
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