email server concept: what's mail delivery agent

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Thu Jun 3 10:40:57 EDT 2004

> Simon Matter wrote:
>>Forget about maildir and such. Cyrus-imapd is a mailserver, not a
>>fileserver. By mailserver I mean imap, pop3, sieve but also mail storage
>>or mail searching. You simply don't care about how cyrus-imapd stores
>>mails and metadata when you configure an MTA to work with cyrus-imapd,
>>just feed mail to it via LMTP and access it through IMAP, POP3 whatever.
>>Of course it can be interesting to know how cyrus-imapd stores mails in
>>case of a desaster recovery procedure or if you want to move accounts to
>>other servers, but that's another issue which again has nothing to do
>> with
>>postfix or any MTA.
> I'm a newbie but I don't know why I need to use lmtp at all. I was told
> by the comment in and that I can use
> mailbox_transport = cyrus

That was with old cyrus-imapd versions.

> and deliver(8) will be called to do mail delivery. Since I'm runing a
> single server, is there any obvious reason I should use lmtp at all?

Sure, you can use the cyrus transport with deliver. But it's not easier,
right? IIRC some things like single instance store are only possible with
LMTP and I never find out why people insist on using deliver. Are the any


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