email server concept: what's mail delivery agent

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Thu Jun 3 10:58:19 EDT 2004

Zhang Weiwu wrote:
> I'm a newbie but I don't know why I need to use lmtp at all. I was told 
> by the comment in and that I can use
> mailbox_transport = cyrus
> and deliver(8) will be called to do mail delivery. Since I'm runing a 
> single server, is there any obvious reason I should use lmtp at all?

The reference to the 'cyrus' mailbox_transport is outdated.  You should 
now use lmtp instead.  Anyway, deliver(8) use LMTP to actually deliver 
the mail, so you may cut the command invocation and have Postfix deliver 
via LMTP in the first place.
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