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Andrew J Caird andrew.caird at
Wed Jun 2 13:32:51 EDT 2004

Hello all,
  We are planning on migrating a UW IMAP server to Cyrus IMAP (2.2.5), and
I have some questions about client configuration; not exactly a Cyrus
questions, but perhaps someone here has dealt with this before.

  1. Apple's doesn't see the users' folders until the "IMAP
     Prefix Path" is set in the configuration.  We'll migrate about 150
     people who use this client, and even if we give instructions before
     hand, this will generate 200 calls to the helpdesk on the Monday
     after we do this.  Is there any way of having the server share this
     information with this client, since the server certainly knows my
     "IMAP Prefix Path"?  Or should this simply work and I've done
     something wrong?

  2. Netscape does not show the folders below Inbox until either the user
     subscribes or the user unchecks the box saying "Show only subscribed
     folders".  We don't use shared folders, so there is no harm in
     unchecking that box in our environment, but is there a way to
     automatically subscribe people to all of their folders?

Outlook, of course, grabs everything it can, which, in this case, is what
we want.

Thanks for any insights.
Andrew Caird
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