Temprary failture when the MDA(mailbox_transport = cyrus) deliver message.

Wang Penghui wangpenghui at realss.com
Fri Jun 4 10:21:14 EDT 2004


Thank you for reading this message!
I have built up a mail server with Postfix+Cyrus-SASL+Cyrus-IMAPd+OpenLDAP.
All the auth motheds are saslauthd with ldap.
And i have configure the imap server to support virtual domains in the 
My imapd.conf is follow"

configdirectory:        /var/imap
partition-default:      /var/spool/imap
sievedir:               /var/imap/sieve
tls_cert_file:          /etc/cyrusimapd/server.crt
tls_key_file:           /etc/cyrusimapd/server.key
admins:                 cyrus
virtdomains:            userid
hashimapspool:          yes
allowanonymouslogin:    no
allowplaintext:         yes
unixhierarchysep:       yes
defaultdomain:          hackerdom.org
sasl_pwcheck_method:    saslauthd
mech_list: plain login
sendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail
autocreateinboxfolders: Sent|Drafts|Templates|Trash

Then i create the users' mailboxes of the virtual domains:
cm user/user at domain.com
And add the entry in the LDAP database.

After do that i try to login IMAPd Server.
Either cyrus --user user at domain.com --auth login localhost
or Mozilla-thunderbird could login correct.

Then i try to send a message from my another address.
The smtpd have received the message, but could not deliver to the
cyrus maildir correct.the log is :

Jun  4 17:51:38 hartt postfix/pipe[31588]: 6B311245B1: to=<E-Mail 
PROTECTED>, relay=cyrus, delay=240512, status=deferred (temporary failure)

The mailbox_transport in the main.cf is mailbox_transport = cyrus.
Then i change the parameter to mailbox_transport = 

The message could not be deliver correct also, and the log is:

Jun  4 22:00:35 hartt postfix/lmtp[957]: E24A7245FF: to=<E-Mail 
PROTECTED>, relay=/var/imap/socket/lmtp[/var/imap/socket/lmtp], 
delay=15132, status=deferred (host 
/var/imap/socket/lmtp[/var/imap/socket/lmtp] said: 451 4.3.0 System I/O 
error (in reply to RCPT TO command))

I guess the problem maybe caused by Cyrus' MDA.
Could some one point out what's wrong with my configuration?

The version of my Cyrus-IMAPd is 2.1.15. Cyrus-SASL 2.1.18 Postfix 2.0.19

Thank you for your reading!

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