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Craig Ringer craig at
Sun Jun 6 02:56:42 EDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 04:29, Patrick Nelson wrote:
> FC1
> Cyrus 2.2.3
> Evolution 1.4.5
> How do I setup a public folder?  And then access it using Fedora.  I
> must be missing something or calling is the wrong thing because I could
> not find any info in the docs or on the net.  TIA

Evolution's IMAP namespace handling is broken. It won't work properly
with public folders - even if you're subscribed to them - if "show only
subscribed folders" is set. IIRC turning that off solves the issue (at
the cost of showing all folders, even if you don't want it to), but if
not then forcing the appropriate namespace setting in the same dialog

Setting -> Mail Accounts -> Edit -> Receiving Options

While I do like Evolution in general, it really does need some work on
the IMAP support. For example, filing a message into a folder will cause
Evolution to read and update that folder just to file a message into it.

I suggest using Mozilla Mail (for example) to test that your public
folders are working, then once you know that's all good try to get
Evolution to see them.

Craig Ringer

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