Problems creating folders

Felix Cuello felix at
Mon Jun 7 13:51:51 EDT 2004


   I'm using cyrus 2.1.9 in a RedHat server. Everything was ok until
   we installed a webmail program that allows users to write folders,
   some users could write folders and some users no [including mine].
   I checked permissions, i deleted and recreated mailboxes without
   any success.
   Migrating to a newest version of cyrus is my last hope, just 
   because we don't have more servers to do a migration without 
   stop service.

   What can i do to solve creation problems?

   i added "altnamespaces: yes" to my imapd configuration but
   nothing happened.

   cyrus 2.1.9 was compiled by hand
   webmail program is called "webmail.cgi" is a featured webmail
   derived from dmailweb.
   Redhat 7.2 [valhalla] {that's one of our oldest servers, but is
   running ok sinces begining of 2003}

   Thanks a lot for your help,


Felix Cuello
felix at
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