deliver -q won't ignore quotas

Ken Murchison ken at
Tue Jun 15 21:55:20 EDT 2004

Robert Covell wrote:

> We are doing something similar but opening deliver a bit different (with the
> user name and -q).  Before we put this in production would the following be
> correct (the previous open of deliver is commented out):

No, the commented out version is correct.  The difference being that 
Jamie is using the '-l' option which means that the client is speaking 
LMTP directly (with deliver being a middle-man).  In your case, you're 
just telling deliver what to do and it creates the LMTP session with the 
appropriate commands/arguments.

> //$MP = "/usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver -q $user";
> $MP = "/usr/local/cyrus/bin/deliver $user IGNOREQUOTA";
> $fp = popen($MP,"w");
> fputs($fp, $toheader);
> fputs($fp, $fromheader);
> fputs($fp, $replytoheader);
> fputs($fp, $dateheader);
> fputs($fp, $subjectheader);
> fputs($fp, "$message");
> pclose($fp);
> Thanks,
> Bob
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>>Jamie Davey wrote:
>>>Hi all
>>>I am trying to get a script (derived from the archives of this list)
>>>running that will deliver a warning mail to users who are in danger of
>>>breaching / have breached their mailbox quota. The script
>>determines the
>>>users affected by running the quota command and then tries to send them
>>>a mail using deliver with the -q directive to deliver regardless of
>>>their quota usage. It works fine for users who are approaching their
>>>full quota but not for those currently over it.
>>>I have run the script without the deliver portion and manually sent the
>>>mails, again using "deliver -q -l"  and get a "452 4.2.2 Over quota"
>>>error which disregards the recipient. Is this a bug with
>>deliver or am I
>>>doing something wrong
>>If you're going to speak LMTP directly (-l option), then no other
>>options apply and you need to add the IGNOREQUOTA protocol element
>>yourself (see below).  Actually, if you're writing your own LMTP client,
>>then talk to lmtpd directly instead of using deliver as a pass-through
>>># Warning messages
>>>if (@warn) {
>>>   open(DELIVER, "| $deliverprog -q -l");
>>>   print DELIVER "MAIL FROM:<postmaster\>\n";
>>>   foreach $warnuser (@warn) {
>>>       print DELIVER "RCPT TO:<$warnuser>\n";
>>This should be "RCPT TO:<$warnuser> IGNOREQUOTA\n"
>>>   };
>>>   print DELIVER "DATA\n";
>>>   print DELIVER <<EOF;
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