Trouble with user administration

Jay Drake jaydrake at
Wed Jun 9 10:46:19 EDT 2004

I'm really not sure what's wrong here or why, but I seem to have users who
only partially exist. I went into cyradm to remove some of our old users who
are no longer with us and unable to create one user which is not listed when
I issue the lm command, per the following:

phoenix> lm
INBOX (\HasNoChildren)              user.lstoeckmann (\HasNoChildren)
mshoemaker (\HasNoChildren)         user.mkenning (\HasNoChildren)
user.acordell (\HasNoChildren)      user.mshoemaker (\HasNoChildren)
user.ahudson (\HasNoChildren)       user.pheckler (\HasNoChildren)
user.cboakes (\HasNoChildren)       user.postmaster (\HasNoChildren)
user.ccarman (\HasNoChildren)       user.privacy (\HasNoChildren)
user.commerce (\HasNoChildren)      user.psmith (\HasNoChildren)
user.dthornton (\HasNoChildren)     user.randrews (\HasNoChildren)
user.fyork (\HasNoChildren)         user.rik (\HasNoChildren)
user.gallery39208 (\HasNoChildren)  user.srawls (\HasNoChildren)
user.jack (\HasNoChildren)          user.test (\HasNoChildren)
user.jdees (\HasNoChildren)         user.tkiker (\HasNoChildren)
user.jdwallace (\HasNoChildren)     user.tmark1 (\HasNoChildren)
user.kduke (\HasNoChildren)         user.tnichols (\HasNoChildren)
user.ldanielson (\HasNoChildren)    user.tunderwood (\HasNoChildren)
user.lfortenberry (\HasNoChildren)  user.wrwaltman (\HasNoChildren)
user.llloyd (\HasNoChildren)

phoenix> rm user.kduke
rm: cannot lstat `user.kduke': No such file or directory

phoenix> cm user.jdrake
createmailbox: Mailbox already exists

Note that jdrake was a user once before and I expect there are 'artifacts'
left somewhere which causes cyradm to believe jdrake is still a user but not
enough to show such when issuing the lm command. I hope someone can help me
figure out where the issues are so that I can get rid of the old users and
recreate jdrake and others.

Thank you,


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