Trouble with user administration

Rob Siemborski rjs3 at
Wed Jun 9 13:47:47 EDT 2004

On Wed, 9 Jun 2004, Jay Drake wrote:

> phoenix> lm
> INBOX (\HasNoChildren)              user.lstoeckmann (\HasNoChildren)
> mshoemaker (\HasNoChildren)         user.mkenning (\HasNoChildren)
> user.acordell (\HasNoChildren)      user.mshoemaker (\HasNoChildren)
> user.ahudson (\HasNoChildren)       user.pheckler (\HasNoChildren)
> user.cboakes (\HasNoChildren)       user.postmaster (\HasNoChildren)
> user.ccarman (\HasNoChildren)       user.privacy (\HasNoChildren)
> user.commerce (\HasNoChildren)      user.psmith (\HasNoChildren)
> user.dthornton (\HasNoChildren)     user.randrews (\HasNoChildren)
> user.fyork (\HasNoChildren)         user.rik (\HasNoChildren)
> user.gallery39208 (\HasNoChildren)  user.srawls (\HasNoChildren)
> user.jack (\HasNoChildren)          user.test (\HasNoChildren)
> user.jdees (\HasNoChildren)         user.tkiker (\HasNoChildren)
> user.jdwallace (\HasNoChildren)     user.tmark1 (\HasNoChildren)
> user.kduke (\HasNoChildren)         user.tnichols (\HasNoChildren)
> user.ldanielson (\HasNoChildren)    user.tunderwood (\HasNoChildren)
> user.lfortenberry (\HasNoChildren)  user.wrwaltman (\HasNoChildren)
> user.llloyd (\HasNoChildren)
> phoenix> rm user.kduke
> rm: cannot lstat `user.kduke': No such file or directory

dm user.kduke

you mean?

Probably even

sam user.kduke (your admin user) all
dm user.kduke


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