Trouble with user administration

Jay Drake jaydrake at
Wed Jun 9 14:22:55 EDT 2004

> dm user.kduke
> you mean?
> Probably even
> sam user.kduke (your admin user) all
> dm user.kduke
> -Rob

Thanks for the response, I did indeed mean dm user.kduke (which I realized
shortly after sending my initial email) but I am still running into troubles
per the following session:

phoenix> lm
INBOX (\HasNoChildren)              user.llloyd (\HasNoChildren)
mshoemaker (\HasNoChildren)         user.lstoeckmann (\HasNoChildren)
user.acordell (\HasNoChildren)      user.mkenning (\HasNoChildren)
user.ahudson (\HasNoChildren)       user.mshoemaker (\HasNoChildren)
user.bob (\HasNoChildren)           user.pheckler (\HasNoChildren)
user.cboakes (\HasNoChildren)       user.postmaster (\HasNoChildren)
user.ccarman (\HasNoChildren)       user.privacy (\HasNoChildren)
user.commerce (\HasNoChildren)      user.psmith (\HasNoChildren)
user.dthornton (\HasNoChildren)     user.randrews (\HasNoChildren)
user.fyork (\HasNoChildren)         user.rik (\HasNoChildren)
user.gallery39208 (\HasNoChildren)  user.srawls (\HasNoChildren)
user.jack (\HasNoChildren)          user.test (\HasNoChildren)
user.jdees (\HasNoChildren)         user.tkiker (\HasNoChildren)
user.jdwallace (\HasNoChildren)     user.tmark1 (\HasNoChildren)
user.kduke (\HasNoChildren)         user.tnichols (\HasNoChildren)
user.ldanielson (\HasNoChildren)    user.tunderwood (\HasNoChildren)
user.lfortenberry (\HasNoChildren)  user.wrwaltman (\HasNoChildren)
phoenix> sam user.kduke jdrake all
setaclmailbox: jdrake: lrswipcda: System I/O error
phoenix> dm user.kduke
deletemailbox: Permission denied
phoenix> lm user.kduke
user.kduke (\HasNoChildren)
phoenix> lam user.kduke
kduke lrswipcda

I additionally tried logging in with the cyrus user and using cyrus as my
admin user (just in case there were some reason that the cyrus user had some
sort of difference from the alternately used jdrake admin user) with the
exact same results.

Thanks again for the help.


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