Cyrus and Mailman integration.

Ivana Belgers Ivana.Belgers at
Fri Jun 11 08:55:10 EDT 2004


> Sorry  for  offtopic,  but  has  anyone managed to integrate Cyrus and
> Mailman  together? I'd like to have both a web-interface for a Mailman
> maillist  but  also  offer  a  anonymous  read-only IMAP access to the
> mailman  lists? Anyway has dealt with that? What would be the best and
> simplest approach?

What you could do is create an IMAP account with a readable INBOX, or
sub-mailbox. And after that subscribe the e-mail address of that
account to the specific list and use a mailfilter to redirect all mail
for that list to the specific readable sub-mailbox of that user.

I know this works, although it might not be the most efficient/clean way
to do it.

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