Refuse over quota mail

Adi Linden adil at
Thu Jun 17 10:43:08 EDT 2004

> > How can I configure cyrus-imapd to refuse over quota mail instead of 
> > having sendmail generate a bounce message. Is this possible?
> Enable lmtp_over_quota_perm_failure in imapd.conf

I did that. Now it no longer queues over quota messages but generates a 
bounce message to the sender that message delivery failed. For the most 
part these messages are spam with nonexistant senders. This means the 
bounces still clog the spool.

What I would have liked seen is sendmail refusing the message during the 
conversation with the sending MTA, therefore eliminating the need for a 
bounce message. I realized that this is probably not possible because the 
over quota conditioned isn't recognized until sendmail received the 
complete message.


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