Refuse over quota mail

Ken Murchison ken at
Thu Jun 17 17:35:01 EDT 2004

Adi Linden wrote:
>>>How can I configure cyrus-imapd to refuse over quota mail instead of 
>>>having sendmail generate a bounce message. Is this possible?
>>Enable lmtp_over_quota_perm_failure in imapd.conf
> I did that. Now it no longer queues over quota messages but generates a 
> bounce message to the sender that message delivery failed. For the most 
> part these messages are spam with nonexistant senders. This means the 
> bounces still clog the spool.
> What I would have liked seen is sendmail refusing the message during the 
> conversation with the sending MTA, therefore eliminating the need for a 
> bounce message. I realized that this is probably not possible because the 
> over quota conditioned isn't recognized until sendmail received the 
> complete message.

Use the Sendmail socket daemon (smmapd) which comes with Cyrus.  You'll 
need either Sendmail 8.13 or the patch for 8.12 

This will check for over quota at RCPT TO time and send back a failure 
within the SMTP session.

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