Crypted mail storage

Günter Zimmermann guenter at
Mon Jun 21 08:36:30 EDT 2004


The swapped data could be crypted with encrypted swap.

This may produce problems if  your system uses much swap, because the 
swap will b.
e encrypted, this uses more swap and so on until system stands still.

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Günter Zimmermann

Craig Ringer schrieb:

>On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 16:37, Jonas Jacobsson wrote:
>>Is there a way to make the mail storage crypted on disk in Cyrus?
>>Maybe with a third party solution?
>If I needed to do that, I'd probably use an encrypted filesystem and run
>Cyrus off it normally. I'd also seriously consider storing the
>configdirectory on non-encrypted space (it depends on what you need to
>protect, I guess).
>Of course, that doesn't solve the issue of data getting swapped out.
>Craig Ringer
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