System-wide sieve filter

Tore Anderson tore at
Fri Jun 18 17:19:05 EDT 2004

* Edward Rudd

 > amavisd-new  =>
 > amavisd is a perl daemon that runs as a filter for an MTA. In my
 > setup I have postfix configured to use amavisd as a content filter
 > and amavisd then runs all the messages through spamassassin and
 > through clamav (or any number of about 20 antivirus programs it
 > supports)

  Ah, yes - I am aware of what Amavis -is-.  I was merely curious -how-
 it was telling Cyrus what folder to save the incoming message
 into.  :-)

 > What are you currently using to have spamassassin tag messages?

  Well, SpamAssassin.  To be more precise:  Exim pipes the message
 through the "spamc" binary as a "transport_filter" just before it sends
 it on to the Cyrus using LMTP.  "spamc" classifies the message arriving
 on stdin, adds some headers, then finally dumps the result on stdout.

 > Cyrus currently does not support any global sieve filter rule sets..

  With my patch applied, does too!  ;-)

 > So the options you have it to have the filter add an "address
 > extension" to the e-mail.. (user+spam at and make sure that
 > the folder has the anonymous p ACLs on it. the +folder is case
 > sensitive.

  Aha!  That is the answer I was looking for.  Thanks (applies to you
 too, Earl R Shannon)!  I will see if I can make use of this

Tore Anderson
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