System-wide sieve filter

Nikos Voutsinas nvoutsin at
Sat Jun 19 09:23:34 EDT 2004

> Hello,
> Amavis is a milter and is not part of the Cyrus package.
> What it would do with the extension listed is change the
> deliver to address by suffixing it with "+spam".
> The "+" address indicates to the final delivery agent,
> usually lmtpd for cyrus, to put the message in the
> specified folder.
> So a message sent to ershanno+spam at would get
> delivered to a subfolder of my inbox named spam, should
> such a folder exist and the ACL on that folder was
> appropriately set.
> Regards,
> Earl Shannon

Just for completeness, "spam" subfolder could even automatically created
upon request by sieve sublayer, if doesn't exist. No need to include it in
autocreate inbox. This type of enhancement is provided by autosievefilter

Also I suppose that a lot of people would like an extended autocreate
Inbox patch with an "autocreatesievescript" option.

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