cyrus, exim and "plusadressing"

Andrzej Filip anfi at
Mon Jun 21 10:19:42 EDT 2004

Erik Myllymaki wrote:
> I am using exim 4.21 with cyrus imap v2.1.16.
> I am trying to get "plus addressing" to work.
> the relevant section in exim.conf looks like this:
> local_cyrus_delivery:
>  driver = smtp
>  protocol = lmtp
>  hosts_override = true
>  allow_localhost = true
> I get no errors when I send mail to myname+Subfolder at 
> <mailto:myname+Subfolder at>, but
> it just ends up in the Inbox, and not in the Subfolder.
> Also, I am using "unixhierarchysep=yes"
> Any tips appreciated.

Have you granted "anyone" posting (p) rights in subfolder ?

<quote src="">
* plus addressing - Plus addressing allows direct delivery to a particular 
mailbox (other than an INBOX). This is done in two ways.

The first way allows delivery to a subfolder of a specific user's INBOX. This 
is done via an address of the form: username+mailfolder at domain, which will 
deliver to the user's INBOX.mailfolder folder (or altnamespace equivalent). 
This submailbox must allow the posting user the 'p' right (generally, this 
means 'anyone' must have the 'p' right), otherwise the message will just be 
filed into the user's INBOX.

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