[sendmail] sendmail-8.13, socket map and pre cyrus-2.2.3

lst_hoe01 at kwsoft.de lst_hoe01 at kwsoft.de
Wed Jun 23 04:09:29 EDT 2004

Zitat von Andrzej Filip <anfi at priv.onet.pl>:

> Is anybody interested in testing solution for real time integration of
> sendmail-8.13 with pre cyrus-2.2.3 ?
> [sendmail with socket map support, cyrus without socket map support]
> It will be another variant of http://symonds.anfi.org/sendmail/rtcyrus2.html
> using simple perl daemon and LMTP callouts instead of smmapd in cyrus.

Would be interesting to see. We are looking for online quota check for postfix
policy-daemon with LMTP callouts. Can i have a look at the perl code?



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