Sasl Authentication

UNIT-ISO webmaster at
Mon Jun 21 14:28:32 EDT 2004

I'm trying to run cyradmin:

$ su - cyrus
$ cyradm localhost
IMAP Password:
Login failed: no mechanism available at 
line 118
cyradm: cannot authenticate to server with  as cyrus
$ exit

then i
$ tail /var/log/messages

Jun 21 15:24:21 mail su(pam_unix)[13395]: session opened for user cyrus 
by pgauna(uid=0)
Jun 21 15:24:40 mail perl: No worthy mechs found
Jun 21 15:25:03 mail perl: No worthy mechs found
Jun 21 15:25:05 mail imap[12339]: unknown password verifier
Jun 21 15:25:56 mail su(pam_unix)[13395]: session closed for user cyrus

I''m using FC2
I used testsaslauthd and i says Ok....

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