Need help to install a Cyrus Server on a FC2

Etienne Goyer etienne.goyer at
Mon Jun 21 16:35:54 EDT 2004

UNIT-ISO wrote:
> Right now, I use the default IMAP server that comes with 
> Fedora 1, but some messages boxes weight more than 100mb, and is really 
> painfull try to read this accounts periodically.

The default IMAP daemon in RedHat/Fedora is UW-imapd.  It store mail in 
mbox format.  Cyrus imapd use a different mailbox format.  You need to 
understand that, if you use Cyrus imapd, you will have to migrate your 
mail from the mbox format to the Cyrus format.  This is non-trivial, but 
the Cyrus WiKi have info about how to that.

> Resume: I wanna know if someone can tell me about what packages I need 
> to install, and if a I need RPMs or install from sources, and if you can 
> send me the right configuration files, etc, etc....

For a standalone server, Simon Matter rpm for Cyrus work quite well out 
of the box.  See

Side question for Simon : do you plan to have your Cyrus rpm integrate 
in some official or quasi-official Fedora repository, like or 
Freshrpms ?
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