High availability ... again

Tore Anderson tore at linpro.no
Tue Jun 22 14:18:13 EDT 2004

* Etienne Goyer

 > Well, I did not consider that option since the SAN become a single
 > point-of-failure, and that is a big no-no according to the
 > specifications I have at the moment.
 > If it would have been possible, it would have been my first choice
 > though.

  Most decent storage equipment meant for SANs has redundancy
 everywhere.  Double powersupplies, double storage processors with
 mirrored memory/cache, and naturally the possibility to configure the
 disks in a fully redundant manner.  It's easy to make the connection
 from the hosts to the storage redundant, too - just use two HBAs and
 two switches, and make sure both of the switches are connected to all
 the other end points (both SP's on the storage and both servers).

  In my opinion using a SAN is perfectly adequate for HA needs (it has
 not failed me, at least!), but it's your call of course.  :-)

Kind regards,
Tore Anderson
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