dspam & cyrus

Christiano Anderson anderson at debian-rs.org
Tue Jun 22 20:36:20 EDT 2004

Lee <lee_hoffman at brown.edu> writes:

> Christiano,
> We're considering something very much like what you're
> describing. Would you mind passing on postfix, dspam (and any other
> pertinent) configs? It would save quite a bit of time screwing around
> with stuff.

Sure! I will send you the tricks in a PVT mail. I forgot to mention
that I use LDAP to authenticate and pass the correct delivery methods
for each user to Postfix. It also defines if user has global or
individual spam database. 

> Also, we're somewhat concerned about introducing mysql as an
> additional dependancy for our mailsystem (we use it on large scale
> websites, and have nothing but problems instability wise). Im curious
> how mysql with dspam has been treating you, and how much volume your
> managing on it. Has mysql crashed on you yet? If so, did mail delivery
> halt?

For a large e-mail system, you need MySql to handle dspam
database. Berkeley DB is good only if you don't have a large traffic. 
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