dspam & cyrus

Christiano Anderson anderson at debian-rs.org
Tue Jun 22 20:45:17 EDT 2004

Jure Peèar <pegasus at nerv.eu.org> writes:

> Just yesterday i looked into the code, how difficult would be to add
> libdspam support into the cyrus lmtp. It needs to be done before sieve and
> it needs to modify the message (insert appropriate headers). This is the
> only thing that was non-obvious to me (and i'm not a programmer).

Would you like to implement libdspam to Cyrus LMTP? What's the main
advantage you see on it? Gain performance?

Hmm, yes, it's a good idea, since the MTA needs to pipe the message to
dspam binary before passing to LDA (Cyrus), it decrease the

I will take a look on libdspam and cyrus lmtp code to see if I can
make any contribution. 

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