State on shared folders

Mike Brodbelt m.brodbelt at
Thu Jun 24 11:30:03 EDT 2004

Rob Siemborski wrote:

> The only state that is maintained per-user is seen state (well, and 
> private annotations).  All the rest is per-folder.  This is both because 
> its sane (people read folders at different times) and the fact that having 
> a single file for all seen state users in a shared folder is a very fast 
> way to get a locking bottleneck.
> If you are just worried about seen state for some sort of tracking 
> purposes, you may want to consider using IMAP Keywords instead to denote 
> whatever state you are trying to share.

We've ended up just using a folder hierarchy and getting the users to
move mail into a "dealt with" folder, which I think will work fine, and
that way the per user seen state is a help to them. Thanks for the

One thing that has come out of this exercise is that I'd originally
intended to create a shared folder hierearchy separately, but I've
settled on doing it by creating a "fake" user, and then granting rights
on that folder to the real users who need to access it. I've done it
this way purely so I can attach a sieve script to the folder - this
particular folder is on the receiving end of a widely published email
address, which gets a lot of spam, and we do spam filtering by having
sieve act on headers added by SpamAssassin. Some way of attaching sieve
to shared folders would be nice, though I guess this carries all the
same problems that the recent discussion about global sieve scripts

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