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Thu Jun 24 11:43:45 EDT 2004

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004, Mike Brodbelt wrote:

> One thing that has come out of this exercise is that I'd originally
> intended to create a shared folder hierearchy separately, but I've
> settled on doing it by creating a "fake" user, and then granting rights
> on that folder to the real users who need to access it. I've done it
> this way purely so I can attach a sieve script to the folder - this
> particular folder is on the receiving end of a widely published email
> address, which gets a lot of spam, and we do spam filtering by having
> sieve act on headers added by SpamAssassin. Some way of attaching sieve
> to shared folders would be nice, though I guess this carries all the
> same problems that the recent discussion about global sieve scripts
> mentioned.

Yes, in many ways it does.  It also requires some thought about the 
authorization the sieve script runs as -- in the case of an INBOX sieve 
script, you run it as the user.  However, if there is no user, its hard to 
know what permissions the script should have.

Note that a sieve script for a user *can* fileinto a shared folder outside 
of the user's hierarchy, if the user has permission to do so.


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