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ms419 at ms419 at
Wed Jun 23 20:50:52 EDT 2004

When I tried this patch a month or so ago, it would create INBOXs, but 
not other mailboxes. For instance, I tried posting a message to a 
nonexistent mailbox,; it ended up in INBOX. Possibly 
I misused the patch, and possibly it now does what it didn't before. I 
would be glad to hear about it!

I think the other patch from the University of Athens, the Auto Sieve 
Folder patch, is intended to create arbitrary mailboxes - but from the 
context of sieve. I'm not using sieve; I need to create arbitrary 
mailboxes from the context of an authenticated delivery.

Please let me know if I'm mistaken, and really should be using the UoA 



On Jun 23, 2004, at 11:03 AM, Edward Rudd wrote:

> On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 12:16, ms419 at wrote:
>> It is essential to me to create the mailboxes for which incoming
>> messages are intended when they don't exist. To this end, I am writing
>> a patch.
> The auto create patch located
> already does this functionality.  Just enable the createonpost option?
> or am I misreading what you are trying to accomplish?
>> Jack
>> PS - I found the University of Athens Autocreate INBOX & Auto Sieve
>> Folder projects a bit helpful.
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