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Aristotelis arisg at
Thu Jun 24 05:01:24 EDT 2004

On Wed, 23 Jun 2004 ms419 at wrote:


> It is essential to me to create the mailboxes for which incoming 
> messages are intended when they don't exist. To this end, I am writing 
> a patch.

 I haven't seen the patch yet. But I want to get some more info 
first. Correct me if I'm wrong. You want to write a patch that
creates ANY folder where a mails tries to be delivered??

 For example if I want to deliver the email to :
 and this folder doesn't exist then automatically (without further
checking) the folder should be created??

 This IMHO is a really bad idea. People can easily create 
problems in this type of setup. I could just start emailing 


 And all this dummy folders will be created. 
(I can also think for some other problems that might occur
with this setup)

 With the UoA autocreate patch when a message is delivered to
a user who has no inbox then a defined set of subfolders 
is created. If the message goes to one of these folders then 
it can be delieved, otherwise it goes to the INBOX. (check 
the options of the patch)

 With the autosieve patch you can have an option to create
all the mailboxes that should be created with the sieve

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