make errors on RHEL3

David L'Heureux davidl at
Thu Jun 24 11:27:57 EDT 2004

Following up on the RHEL3 compile problem with openssl, I wanted to  
point out that none of the solutions posted here or on the cyrus wiki  
worked for me.  Here's what did work:

In the configure file, change:




Setting the various environment variables as noted in the FAQ etc.  
didn't seem to have any effect...hopefully this helps somebody.  Seems  
like this is an issue going back to at least 2.1.13--maybe a change can  
be made permanently in the build process to handle RH's placement of  
kerberos files?  I personally can't envision using kerberos with  
openssl and cyrus at this point, but I would expect things to go a  
little smoother than this on RH...
David L'Heureux
davidl at

On Jun 24, 2004, at 5:10 AM, Ken Murchison wrote:

> David L'Heureux wrote:
>>  After configuring on RHEL3, I can't make from the 2.2.6 source. I  
>> seem to be missing an include file <openssl/krb5.h>, and then a bunch  
>> of (I think related?) compiler errors related to krb5 stuff:
> CyrusRHKerberosIncludes
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